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If this is your first trip to my homepage, WELCOME!Take a look around and don’t be a stranger… come back again. If you’ve been here before, WELCOME BACK!I’m happy to know that you found it worthwhile to visit again. In either case, e-mail a link to my page to your family and friends if you think there is anything they might enjoy.

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…  Okay, now ON WITH TOMMY’S WORLD!!!

Navigating in Tommy’s World

Here is a brief table of contents of the things you will find on these pages. Most of these are represented in the navigation buttons on the top of the page.

  • Photographs Family, pets, the basic photo subjects that you see all over the web.

  • My Story A short narrative of who I am, where I am, and how I got to be both.

  • Our Story A continuation of My Story.

  • Links to Other Pages Around the Web. These are various links pages connecting to some of the places around the Web that I enjoy visiting and find interesting enough to share them with others. Each has some special significance and meaning to me. Feel free to check them out if you want to learn more about me and my interests! I welcome any comments or suggestions of other similar sites that you think I might be interested in. The pages include some commentary by yours truly. Over the years, many pages come and go on the Internet. I do my best to keep these links updated, but often the pages out there disappear without warning. My apologies if a page you are looking for turns out to be a dead link.

    • Friends’ Homepages These are the personal homepages of various special people.

    • Fun and Games These are the ones where you can easily waste a couple of days; some are quite creative and addictive.

    • Miscellany These are helpful and interesting sites that do not fall neatly into any other categories shown here.

    • Nostalgia Remember the old days? The television, toys, and products that you remember?
      Relive that time again. (Apologies to the generations prior to mine — my nostalgia only goes back to the mid 1970’s, so there isn’t much, if anything, represented before then).

    • Ohio Cities and Attractions & Alumni Pages I’ve focused on the areas of Ohio that I have familiarity with and the three areas I’ve lived: Steubenville, Toledo, and Sandusky. I’ve also included links to the schools I have attended, and some alumni pages that cover the globe.

    • Sports Sites Links to my favorite sports teams and sound bytes from the “colorful” home team radio announcers. You will also find links to the better sports media pages. I also have created a Tribute to Pops page dedicated to the great Willie Stargell — one of my boyhood heroes..

    • Worthy Causes Around the Web These are varied organizations, each with a web presence, which I believe in and have thus deemed them “worthy causes.”

  • Stickman My creation.

    Check back later! I have been adding more of my favorite sites all the time and I will continue to do so in the future. If any of the links I’ve provided in these pages don’t seem to work, send me e-mail so that I can update or delete them. I try to do this occasionally when I see a broken link, but sometimes I do not
    notice them right away.

    Also, if anyone out there wants to add a link to my site from your own, please let me know that you are adding the link. I’ve moved this page twice already. If I ever have to move the web site again, I would like to know where all of the current outstanding links are so that I can let those people know of my own address change. There are already many thousands of dead links out there on the Net. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of even a few more. So just help me out by notifying me of the links you create to my pages.

Photo Links

These are all old photos for the most part.

A photo of me

Photos of my sister and I

Pet photos

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back soon! The only other advice I have is for you to keep your seat belts fastened and lay off the alcohol if you’re going to be driving. Do whatever you need to do to make a difference in the world. (Preferably a difference for the better)…  

Tommy’s World has welcomed

Tommy’s World was last modified on:
May 25, 2016

These modifications included:
minor editing

A few people have asked… (okay, nobody has actually asked, but I know you’ve all been wondering)… No, this is not a self portrait. It’s just a stickman that I drew the very first time I was ever exposed to the Windows Paintbrush program back in 1993. As my initial creation, I saved it to a floppy disk, and I couldn’t think of a better place to immortalize my artwork than on my own web page.  (And, NO — I have absolutely NO plans to include “stickman” in the Stick Figure Death Theater page linked in the attached pages… He’s been around for nineteen years now, and I have no plans to kill him off). If you’re interested in helping fund future artistic excursions, I accept any and all donations.

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