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Some worthy causes around the web.

Believe it or not, I’m going to jail and I need your help. While it’s not a real jail, it’s even more important as I’m raising bail to help children and adults with muscle disease in my community who are supported by the vital work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). I might not be able to rely on good behavior to get out so that’s why I need your help – I’M ASKING you to donate to my bail! Would you consider making a small donation in return to help fight muscular dystrophy? Just VISIT THIS PAGE AND click on the donation button to make a secure donation  I know that together we can Make a Muscle and Make a Difference in the fight against muscle disease.


Stop HHS: sign the national petition to stop the unconstitutional mandate of the Department of Health and Human Services for Contraception/Sterilization Coverage: an Attack on Rights of Conscience, requiring many to violate their own consciences or face penalties of law.  Read more about it here.
In the words of one of the nation’s Founding Fathers: “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority” (Thomas Jefferson, 1809).

On Tuesday, November 13, 2001 Sr. Helen Prejean came to Sandusky, Ohio to speak out on the death penalty. As a member of the committee who brought her to our fine city, I was able to personally meet this great woman and speak to her on a one to one level about her ministry.
She is also affiliated with the Moratorium Campaign, fighting for fairness and social justice.  In their words, it truly is time to STOP and rethink the death penalty.

  • Sr. Helen is the author if the book Dead Man Walking, which was adapted for the movie of the same name.

Ohioans to Stop Executions will update you on the status of capital punishment in Ohio.

Ohio Right to Life Society: Promoting Life from Conception to Natural Death.

Please visit The Hunger Site and donate free food to the hungry by clicking on the button there. Advertisers on the web site will make a donation in return for the exposure they receive from the web page. You can donate one time each day, so please return as often as possible.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation give creative ideas for brightening someone else’s day.  Great activities for kids and families to help out others in their community. Do Kindness!

CRS Fair Trade promotes fair trade programs where disadvantaged farmers, artisans, and workers in third world regions can be fairly compensated for their work. Order a catalog of their available goods and share your good fortune with these hardworking people. They have WONDERFUL items for sale and are an excellent source for gifts.

School of the Americas Watch was founded by Maryknoll priest Fr. Roy Bourgeois in 1990, SOA Watch has sought to close the US Army School of the Americas through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work. The School of the Americas (SOA) is a US Army training school that trains soldiers and military personnel from Latin American countries in subjects like counter-insurgency, infantry tactics, military intelligence, anti-narcotics operations, and commando operations. This training is funded by US taxpayers, and all of the training is conducted in Spanish. Most of the classes are taught by Latin American instructors. According to the SOA itself, more than 56,000 members of Latin American militaries have attended the SOA since its inception in 1946.

Help find a missing child at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, or Child Find.

For safety tips regarding your children (of all ages) and their interaction on the Internet visit SafeKids or its affiliate sites SafeTeens; BlogSafety; and StaySafe.  Also of interest is this article from Comparitech on Doxxing – a form of cyber-bullying, which is becoming all too common these days.

The Child Care Resource Center is the child care resource and referral agency for Lorain, Erie, Huron, Sandusky, and Seneca counties. The Child Care Resource Center is a private non-profit agency that is part of the statewide system of child care resource and referral funded by the Ohio Department of Human Services.

In 2010, my wife and I adopted two kittens from the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, PA.  If you aren’t from that area, look in your city or county for an animal shelter near you where you can make a difference in an animal’s life.

Click this button and join the fight to put junk e-mail in it’s place. Cauce is the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.

There are many computer viruses out there that can wreak havoc on your system, but there are almost as many *virus hoaxes* spreading fear like wildfire.  As a rule of thumb, whenever you receive an e-mail warning you of a virus where the sender writes, “This was reported by (fill in your favorite news program/network or software company here) on <DATE>” or “This is not a joke, I am serious.” or the spammer cannot even use proper spelling or grammar, you can bet that the Virus Alert is a hoax and that you are only adding to the fear and creating unnecessary extra e-mail by passing these along to your friends. The REAL virus is the exponential resulting spawn of terror e-mails.  For more information, please visit Virus Hoaxes and educate yourself and your friends.

Break the Chain is devoted to stopping junk e-mail and misinformation, claiming that in a world where knowledge is power, facts are the ultimate weapon. Excellent resources for those who stand fast in the fight against the chain mail virus.

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